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Martial Arts and Cross Training

Want to get in shape while having fun?

It might seem out of place on this site to some, but the martial arts are a very personal form of creative expression. Come join us sometime for a great workout while learning some practical self defense.

Brandon here. I'm looking to start a regular meetup for either instruction or mutual learning. We're located in Ronan, MT.

I have a few years training background in both Jeet Kune Do and Jiu Jitsu. The aim of the proposed classes would be to learn and refine self defense techniques while finding what is fun and satisfying in the creative expression of the martial arts.

I'm no drill sargent and I'm no black belt. Our emphasis would be on technique, fitness, fun, and safety. I'm not interested in a class where people can't walk away feeling great.

No scheduled classes or meetups at the moment, but the weather is getting nice so I'd like to do some outdoor classes. I'm happy teaching or learning with anyone with a positive attitude!

Get in touch and let's have a meetup!